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PhysioCare4U, home care service,  we believe in not only treating our patients, but educating and coaching them to be able to enjoy an active and pain-free life long after our work ends. We perform a thorough assessment with every patient we see and define a specific treatment and exercise plan based on individual objectives that they define.  We are specialized in treating back and neck conditions, and in the rehabilitation of sports related injuries. For each case we aim to find the cause of the problem, educate and use exercise based programs aimed at functional recovery, return to sport or activity, and prevent re-injury.

Each treatment and injury recovery plan is specifically tailored to your individual needs – we’ll help you understand the underlying cause of your condition and take control of your own recovery program.

We’ll help you recover your full health with one of our following specialist treatments:

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Why Us?

Often people have very little idea about what happens when we experience an advanced, life-limiting illness, how care will be coordinated, or how much it will cost. Understandably, this is a daunting time. Our qualified doctors and health professionals at PhysioCare4U are here to assist you with

  • Home visits conducted by qualified Doctors
  • Available After Hours, Weekends, Public Holidays
  • No need to wait for tomorrow
  • Provide highest quality medical care possible
  • We respect the patient’s dignity, values and beliefs
  • Reducing stress on patients, family members & caregivers
  • Doctor Home Visits for Everyone
  • Communicate clearly, simply and decisively
  • Be reassuring and responsive to individual needs
  • Uphold professional standards (integrity, accountability, safety and collegiality)
  • Constantly strive to do even better

Home Care Service

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